Turn-About Ranch: Residential Treatment for Teens on a Working Ranch

At Turn-About Ranch, we take traditional treatment models used to help troubled youth develop into effective individuals and combine them with something more unique – a real, working cattle ranch. While on the ranch, students learn about concepts like leadership, teamwork, accountability, and responsibility. They are also given the opportunity to utilize what they’re learning in a real-world environment.

Our principles allow us to positively impact the lives of each one of our students and their families. Due to our high standards, Turn-About Ranch has been set apart from other adolescent programs in the United States and we are continually striving to provide top-notch care as a result.

Through their work on the ranch, students reap many benefits from successfully completing tasks in the appropriate manner and handling the consequences of their actions .

At Turn-About Ranch, our students will experience the following:

They will work hard. During their time at Turn-About Ranch, students will work hard participating in projects with real value and benefit both themselves and their community. Students will develop a strong work ethic that applies to their everyday life. When a project is completed, our students can step back and realize how their contribution to the ranch has positively impacted the community as a whole.

They will be challenged to achieve. In many instances, our students will be challenged in ways that they did not feel they were capable of. When provided with the appropriate support from staff members, therapists, and teachers, students begin reaping success and the skills they need to develop their true potential.

They will be held accountable. We help students understand the importance of responsibility. We hold them accountable for any and all shortcomings during their treatment. Throughout the process, most students begin replicating the actions of their peers who are further along in the program. This often includes the development of a strong inner drive which can quickly become more powerful than any reward or consequence.

They will be given a physical outlet. Our students work hard while on the ranch and often exert themselves physically. This physical activity is balanced with the academic and emotional care we provide. We help them apply what they have learned on the ranch to a classroom setting. By putting acquired skills to work, our students build self-confidence that will help them for the rest of their lives—their family relationships, high school and college, and even future careers.

Turn-About Ranch

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