Turn-About Ranch offers excellent medical care with 24 hr. coverage. We have two on-call nurses, a full-time Nurse Practitioner (APRN), and a Physician as Medical Director. We provide general medical care and pharmacological assessments and have the ability to deal with most health issues teenagers face. Under the supervision of the Medical Director, the APRN is able to introduce and/or change medications for both physical and mental health care. Evaluating the effectiveness of any medications teens are on when they arrive at Turn-About Ranch is an important part of their overall treatment plan. We are confident we can attend to your teen’s medical needs and it’s included in the daily tuition rate. Additional services are available at the local clinic and hospital for any medical needs beyond what our APRN can provide onsite.

Turn-About Ranch

280 N 300 E.
Escalante, UT 84726
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