At Turn-About Ranch, we realize that a once-a-week treatment session with a counselor is not always the most effective means of therapy. Therefore, we employ a team approach providing our students with the daily therapy through our ranch environment.

To help facilitate this therapy, our clinical team is made up of Master’s level (and higher) therapists who are either licensed or in the process of becoming licensed in the areas of clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, or professional counseling. Our experienced and dedicated team members are responsible for conducting individual, group, and family therapy sessions in addition to planning the treatment and charting the progress of each student. Throughout the students’ stay at Turn-About, the clinical team will also maintain contact with parents on a weekly basis and conduct mid-term and graduation visits with families.

To help support the work of our clinical team, all of our additional staff members are trained and experienced in therapeutic techniques as well as the art of effective communication to help provide our students with the optimum environment for their positive development.

One of the many therapeutic vessels we utilize on a regular basis to achieve these crucial changes in our students is equine therapy. To learn more about how equine therapy can help troubled teens, click here.

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