Therapist Recommendations

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At Turn-About Ranch, we understand the critical role that therapy plays when it comes to helping troubled teens get back on track. Over the last 30 years, we have worked hard to establish strong relationships with therapists throughout the country. These relationships have been fostered as therapists have come to trust our program and see results.

Therapists Recommend Turn-About Ranch

Before therapists recommend that parents “send her to the ranch” and seek extensive treatment, they will usually evaluate and work with the teen on their issues for quite some time. Many therapists will consult with us personally to evaluate whether their at-risk teen client would be a good fit for our program before making their recommendation. Therapists often refer their clients to us, because they believe in our philosophy and trust that it will benefit their client.

Therapists on Location

Our treatment facility has onsite therapists that work with our students in individual and group therapy settings. However, we also frequently have offsite therapists visit Turn-About Ranch to help us improve our processes and to further build our relationships with them. We value these relationships and the input that these professionals are able to bring to the table.

After Care Recommendations

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We believe in our program and have seen the impact that it has had on the teens who have come here. One good reason for our high success rate is because our commitment to helping troubled teens does not end at graduation. In fact, we encourage students to continue their treatment once they leave our ranch and return home. Before leaving, we help our students find qualified therapists who are up to the task of continuing their treatment and expanding on the foundation of real values and real change that our program instilled in them.

Need a Recommendation?

Your teen’s mental health is important to us, and we sincerely want the best for them. Whether you’re in search for the right therapist for your teen and need a recommendation for one in your area before or after treatment at Turn-About Ranch, give us a call at 800-842-1165 and let’s get your teen the help they need.

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