Turn-About Ranch employees are guided by the following principles: Family, Growth, Teamwork, and Service.

Our residential treatment program has been providing help for troubled teens and their families for 30 years. We have Master’s level and Bachelor’s level counselors along with dedicated, well-trained staff who are screened and have a strong desire to work with troubled teens.

Michelle Lindsay of Turn-About Ranch

Michelle Lindsay, M.S., LCMCH — Executive Director, Clinical Director

Michelle Lindsay Serves as both the Executive Director and Clinical Director for Turn-About Ranch. She completed her graduate degree in Social Work at Brigham Young University. After 5 years and 3 children she returned to school and received her master’s degree School Counseling from Utah State University and later became licensed as a Mental Health Counselor. Michelle has dedicated her professional career to working with struggling teens and families.  She is experienced in a variety of treatment settings including Wilderness treatment, Residential Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment programs and Transitional care. However her heart found a home at Turn-About Ranch!  “I fell in love with Turn-About Ranch treatment model the first time I visited the ranch.  It combines the power of wilderness to jumpstart the change process followed by the long term change developed through both therapeutic and physical work on a real ranch- It’s Genius!”  Michelle started at Turn-About Ranch in 2010 and has been here ever since.

Michelle has been married to her supportive husband for 29 years and they love spending time together with family water-skiing, fishing, camping, and riding horses. She also enjoys reading, hiking with her dog June, sports, and continuing to learn new things.

Myron Carter of Turn-About Ranch

Myron Carter — Program Director

Myron has dedicated his life to helping adolescents find the courage to change.  He has a unique ability to build relationships with teens that motivate them to want to be better.  They see their potential through his eyes and gain the courage to try.  Myron does the hard work, both mentally and physically on the ranch.  He helps teens confront their negative behaviors and he won’t rescue them from their growth, allowing them to see what they are truly capable of.

Myron is a true cowboy and horseman. He has over 45 years of experience in the saddle and 25 years as an instructor and mentor for teens.  Students love to be in his group because they know they are going to work hard, learn new skills both in horsemanship and life and see some beautiful scenery.  Students enjoy the opportunity to talk with him and learn from his life experience as well.  They learn to do things right the first time and to take pride in the job they do.  Myron has been with Turn-About Ranch since our beginning and the program, students, and staff benefit from his experience in the industry.

Shane Young of Turn-About Ranch

Shane Young — Admissions Director

Shane began working at Turn-About Ranch in 2009 while completing his master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. His unique opportunity of working as night and line staff contributed to his investment and success as one of Turn-About’s therapists. After a brief absence, Shane accepted his current position as Admissions Director in 2014. Shane’s passion for counseling and talent for helping others have been a great fit for his role in the Admissions process. Families quickly realize Shane truly cares about their happiness and success. He helps parents assess and navigate the overwhelming events and decisions required to help their children succeed. Shane’s compassion for the conflicting emotions of parents is verified by his dedicated effort to help each and every family who reaches out to Turn-About Ranch.

Shane earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Family Science from Brigham Young University in 1999. He worked full-time in construction to pay for college and the expenses of raising a family. He decided to stay in construction and built a successful career as a General Contractor. Three children and a loving wife were very supportive with his decision to return to school for his master’s degree in 2009. The nearest school, University of Phoenix, was 3 hours away and Shane had just begun a large log home for a local family, but his family agreed. “We’ve never looked back! It has been hard, but worth it and I couldn’t have done it without my family’s support along with the tremendous opportunities I’ve had with Turn-About Ranch.”

Wyatt Lindsay – Academic Director

Wyatt has the unique experience of working from the ground up in 2 different residential treatment programs over the last four years.  He has worked as the Assistant Program Manager at Turn-About Ranch for the last year and a half.  This gives him a unique advantage as he starts his job as the New Academic Director at Turn-About Ranch.  The students are much more inclined to do the work that is required because they know him as someone they can’t manipulate.  He knows all the tricks so to speak.  This allows him to maintain order in the classroom very easily and students seem to fall into the work aspect of school more readily.

Wyatt is in the process of completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English for Education at Grand Canyon University.  Wyatt has experience teaching more vocational aspects of learning such as Horsemanship, Welding, and other vocational skills as well as helping the students learn critical life skills.  This previous experience gives Wyatt helpful insight into the academic program and how it fits in with the other aspects of our program.  Wyatt, Sally, and the other part time teachers work closely together to make sure each student is getting the support and education they need.

Wyatt is married with a new baby girl and  is very passionate about the outdoors.  He loves riding horses and working cattle.  He also spends much of his free time hunting, fishing and hiking.


Renae Singletary of Turn-About Ranch

Renae Singletary — Therapist, M.S., LCSW

ReNae began working at Turn-About Ranch in April of 2011. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy at Utah State University in 1987 followed by 14 years working as a music therapist and psycho-social rehabilitation counselor. She completed her master’s degree in clinical social work in 2001 and worked in community mental health until joining the Turn About Team. ReNae has received specialized training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Motivational Interviewing and is well-versed in several up and coming approaches to trauma treatment. She has extensive experience working with substance abuse, trauma, self esteem, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, anger issues, oppositional defiance, and other mental illnesses. She is passionate about her work with teens and families and is dedicated to the success of each student. She finds Turn-About Ranch to be an outstanding environment for growth and healing due to the unparalleled natural beauty of the area, experienced and dedicated staff, horsemanship and work with animals, and opportunities to turn talk into action.

ReNae enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, camping, exploring new areas, cooking, and needlework of all kinds. She can often be found with her family playing music together when they are not outdoors or in the kitchen.

Rob Caldwell of Turn-About Ranch

Rob Caldwell — Therapist, M.S., LCSW

Rob Caldwell serves as a therapist at Turn-About Ranch. He completed his master degree in Social Work at the University of Utah. Rob has over 25 years of experience working with children, adolescents and families in various capacities. Rob has experience in numerous treatment settings including working with families at the Division of Child and Family Services, and through private provider settings in Wilderness Treatment, Residential Treatment, and the Department of Youth Corrections. Rob has owned and operated his own Therapeutic wilderness program in the past.  Rob most typically uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Reality Therapy based modalities.

Rob is an outdoor recreational and sports enthusiast. He often spends time with student hiking, playing basketball, and in a variety of other outdoor activities. He has competed throughout his life in team sports, and recently found a new favorite outdoor activity he enjoys; cycling throughout the beautiful mountains around Escalante, Utah.

Sherree Rechtsteiner of Turn-About Ranch

Sherree Rechtsteiner — Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

Sherree Rechtsteiner was born and raised in a pioneer family native to Escalante and Boulder, Utah. Two weeks after high school graduation she left for college, with the plan of never returning. However, return she did 27 years ago when her daughter turned 10 years old and she a had family who needed both her medical expertise and help. That dedication to her profession and family is what keeps her here.

Sherree has been actively working in healthcare for over 41 years. The first 30 as a nurse in just about every area of healthcare. The last 11 ½ has been a nurse practitioner. Sherree has been working in rural family practice, emergency medicine and adolescent residential treatment throughout that time, and has been a full-time member of the Turn-About Ranch team for the last 5 years ago.

Sherree has been married for 37 years and is kept busy raising a very energetic 12 year old grandson.

Zak Wilson of Turn-About Ranch

Zak Wilson — Finance Director

Zak Wilson is the Finance Director for Turn-About Ranch. He loves working with numbers, analyzing data and trends, and keeping extensive records. Zak has M.B.A. with emphasis in Finance and Economics and a B.S. in Finance with a Minor in English Creative Writing and Psychology. Prior to the world of business, Zak received an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology and Construction Engineering.

Zak enjoys the outdoors, exploring, hiking, riding motorcycles and ATV’s.

Lori Beebe of Turn-About Ranch

Lori Beebe — Parent Liaison & Admissions Assistant

Lori started her career with Turn-About Ranch in January of 2005 She is our students’ parents’ best friend! Lori oversees gathering the student updates and priceless pictures! She also creates our quarterly newsletter which consists of student writings about their experiences, fun facts, and educational information for our parents and stakeholders. If you are struggling to receive current information or accessing our parent portal through Bestnotes please give her a call and she will be happy to walk you through this process! The most rewarding part of her job is helping parents feel comfort and hope in their journey towards a successful future with their child.

Lori is also a valued member of our admissions team. She is great with parents; answering their questions and creating a sense of peace about the decisions they are trying to make. Lori is very patient, compassionate, understanding and super easy to talk to. As a mother and grandmother she understands and empathizes with what parents are going through.

Prior to working at Turn-About Ranch, she spent 10 years in the public school system as a Special Ed Aide and Reading specialist and helped coach the track and cross country team. She enjoys spending time with her family—especially her grandchildren, reading, cooking, reading cookbooks, crocheting, and quilting.

Tracy Sheres of Turn-About Ranch

Tracy Sheres — Admissions & Marketing, Social Media Manager, Residential Coach I

Tracy assists Turn-About Ranch in both the admissions and marketing departments. She brings with her degrees in both Psychology and Organizational Behavior and also happens to be a 30 year Turn-About Ranch alumni. Her educational background and personal experiences with the program have created in her a deep passion for service. This is especially true when it comes to finding solutions for struggling teens and the families that love them. Tracy truly believes that, “the best way to pay it back is to pay it forward,” and it shows in her efforts to help families succeed.  Her own experience as a student at Turn-About Ranch provides insights and empathy for parents and students as they work toward healthy change and growth.

Tracy is an outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, home chef, gardener and geology nerd. When not working on the ranch, she can usually be found out in the hills walking her dogs, daydreaming, collecting rocks, and spending time with her loved ones.

James Duain Blake of Turn-About Ranch

James Duain Blake – Mechanics & Welding Instructor, Residential Coach II

Duain grew up on a Ranch 68 miles from Kingman Arizona.  He learned at a young age to fix anything that moved because they lived too far from town to do otherwise!  Later in his career he worked for Freeport Copper and Gold in the mining industry and was responsible for the welding and repair of their equipment as well.  Duain has years of experience with cars, farm equipment, small engines etc.  He is an experienced welder and mechanic.

Duain is a retired rough stock rider and professional team roper.  He loves to contribute and help teens and started by teaching them to work on his own ranch in exchange for providing horses they could use to participate in rodeo.

He believes in second chances and brings his own life experience in overcoming obstacles to share.  He believes in change and attributes his life changes to the God and the love of his good wife.  Duain truly enjoys working with students here, and the students trust him and enjoy learning the many skills he has to share.

Joy Griffin – Culinary Teacher and Residential Coach II

Joy Griffin has dedicated much of her time and many years as a direct care staff and Culinary Instructor.  She takes pride in teaching the students how to prepare meals in a safe and healthy way.  Students under her instruction learn to do inventory, shop efficiently and effectively and to use their time wisely.  They learn to cook a variety of dishes and do so for the other students in the program.  They receive hours of instruction and must pass a culinary test before they ever step into the kitchen.  Joy teaches the “Joy” of cooking and encourages all students to cook with their families when they return home.  She is also great at pastries and has spent time as a horsemanship instructor as well.  Joy is a great and valued addition to the Turn-About Ranch team!

Sharla Poast – Special Education Teacher, Tutor

Sharla Poast holds a Bachelor of Science in Family Science from BYU (1999) and has enjoyed a varied career path with previous work and success in customer service and sales. Interestingly, she also briefly worked for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department ‘booking’ individuals into custody! It was her experience working within the County Jail that pressed her to obtain a degree from UNLV as a Master of Education in Special Education (2012). She has taught and mentored students with a wide range of disability (K-12) since 2011. In the Clark County School District (Las Vegas) she taught young students with autism, using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She also worked several years with Middle School-age students with the more typically occurring learning disabilities.  She currently is the Special Education teacher for the Garfield County School District serving all students in the neighboring towns of Escalante and Boulder, Utah.

Sharla’s interests include: family life and how individual family system’s successfully overcome challenges–especially her own!, geopolitics, any/all learning–will read nearly any book that will “teach (her) something,” homesteading, personal development, plays the piano and organ (and hopes to soon begin lessons for the cello). She is currently delving into blogging and vlogging in a way to integrate many of her interests. On her bucket list, she hopes to one day write and publish a book.

Sharla began as a consultant with Turn-About Ranch in the spring of 2018 in matters related to Special Education. Due to her professional respect for the integrated program Turn-About Ranch offers the entire family system, for those students attending, she remains to date typically working with our students during evening school several days each week.

Sally Orme – Teacher/Registrar

Sally has always enjoyed education. She was lucky enough to have excellent educators who assisted her in discovering the enjoyment of learning. It was because of these excellent example of learning that made choosing a major in education feel like a very natural thing. She received her Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education from Brigham Young University Idaho. Sally has worked in several different alternative education settings. She has worked as a lead teacher at a residential treatment center, she coordinated mentors for an after school tutoring program, and was a registrar/counselor at a youth detention center.

Sally loves the outdoors. Camping and fishing are top priorities for her small family.  She enjoys watching others learn and discover the opportunities that information holds.She hopes to be a good example to her students and to help them find ways to be successful in school. She is excited to be a part of the Turn-About Ranch team.

Natalie Cook – Office Assistant

Natalie moved to Escalante in the Fall of 2018.  She started working at Turn-about Ranch a few weeks later and hopes to never leave.  Natalie is an office assistant. She takes care of all the incoming and outgoing student mail. She is also responsible for the students inventory, making sure they have what they need during their time at the ranch.

Natalie & McKade have five children, two son-in-laws and their first grandchild on the way. Natalie loves to be outdoors hiking, camping and enjoying nature with her family.  She loves kids and enjoys spending time with the TAR Students when she gets a change.

Jayna Scadden – Horsemanship Instructor

Jayna has been training horses and teaching riding lessons for over 12 years. Her diverse competitive back ground helps her give each student, be it horse or human, a strong and confident feel under saddle. From English jumping and barrel racing to reigning and roping she has seen every kind of arena. Her crowning achievements on horseback were winning the Horsemanship Award at the 2019 Miss Rodeo Utah competition and winning the title of Miss Wilderness Circuit 2019. Jayna’s two greatest passions are helping people and horses succeed and feels like Turn About Ranch is the perfect place for both. Jayna feels that horses are the best teachers and friends a person can have. She loves the opportunity to help each kid on the ranch become confident and capable riders and become successful both inside and out of the arena.

Randy Holcomb – Horsemanship Instructor, Residential Coach II

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