At Turn-About Ranch, the safety and success of your child are of primary concern and we take these responsibilities very seriously. We have earned an outstanding reputation and are solidly committed to evidence-based treatment to produce positive results.

In addition to implementing best practices, we abide by a strict set of safety protocols to enhance the care your child will receive. In addition, you can feel confident all of our staff and programs are appropriately licensed or regulated by state or local agencies and adhere to established standards of care.

We know the decision to send your child away can be one of the most difficult choices a parent will ever have to make. We understand your feelings of worry, loss of control and uncertainty for the future. Our highly qualified program staff have been trained how to help you through this difficult time. We hope to be of assistance and support to you throughout the therapeutic process. Don’t just take our word for it; read what other parents have to say about Turn About Ranch. Or, if you prefer, contact some of them yourself.

After all, we share the common goal of wanting your child to succeed at Turn About Ranch, for the sake of your family, your child’s future, and so that you too can become one of our many success stories.

Featured Testimonial

“Since we’ve been home, we’ve had our trials but mostly we have triumphs. He is back in school at Pierce College and is currently working. He had the courage to drop his old friends and make new ones. He is loving and cheerful around the house and has the self-esteem of a person who knows his self-worth. For these changes we will be forever thankful.
JF & CF- Puyallup, Washington


Featured Article

Turn-About Ranch Helps Struggling Teens Become Successful Students
Like an eternally optimistic fan of an underachieving sports team, “wait ’til next year!” has become your mantra regarding your teen’s continued frustrations in school.
Next year, he’ll start applying himself.
Next year, she’ll get teachers who understand her better.
Next year, you won’t have all those arguments at home, get all those phone calls from the school, spend all those sleepless nights wondering when things are finally going to get better.


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