At Turn-About Ranch, the safety and success of your child are of primary concern and we take these responsibilities very seriously. We have earned an outstanding reputation and are solidly committed to evidence-based treatment to produce positive results.

In addition to implementing best practices, we abide by a strict set of safety protocols to enhance the care your child will receive. In addition, you can feel confident all of our staff and programs are appropriately licensed or regulated by state or local agencies and adhere to established standards of care.

We know the decision to send your child away can be one of the most difficult choices a parent will ever have to make. We understand your feelings of worry, loss of control and uncertainty for the future. Our highly qualified program staff have been trained how to help you through this difficult time. We hope to be of assistance and support to you throughout the therapeutic process. Don’t just take our word for it; read what other parents have to say about Turn About Ranch. Or, if you prefer, contact some of them yourself.

After all, we share the common goal of wanting your child to succeed at Turn About Ranch, for the sake of your family, your child’s future, and so that you too can become one of our many success stories.

Our Safety Standards

At Turn-About Ranch your child’s safety is of primary importance. We proudly abide by the following safety guidelines:

  • Physical exams and a thorough pre-screening process are performed on every new student by a licensed physician. Exams include exercise test, blood work and lab tests, and general assessments
  • All staff members are trained in CPR, First Aid, Behavior Management, Health Precautions, Emergency Evacuation and Preparedness, and Code of Conduct.
  • 24-hour awake staff monitor facility
  • Registered Nurse on staff
  • Medication management
  • 24-hour access to Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Access to medical services requiring a licensed physician available within 10 minutes of facility
  • Food menus approved through a licensed dietician
  • Every employee must pass a thorough background screening and must be approved by the State of Utah Department of Human Services Office of Licensing
  • Practiced procedures in place for illnesses, medical emergencies and infectious disease.
  • Routine internal safety inspections conducted on all facilities at least monthly
  • Food Service inspections conducted by the Southwest Health Department; Fire Safety inspections conducted by the Utah Department of Public Safety; and overall facilities and program procedures inspected by the Department of Human Services Office of Licensing.
  • Safety inspections conducted on all vehicles weekly
  • Water samples submitted quarterly and monitored by the Utah Division of Drinking Water Safety drills and training are conducted with both staff and students and include fire, bomb, earthquake, utility failures, and medical emergency drills
  • All students complete documented training in numerous areas including Health, Emergency and Evacuation Procedures, Food Service, General Farm and Cattle Safety, Horsemanship Safety, Tools and Hiking Procedures.

“Since we’ve been home, we’ve had our trials but mostly we have triumphs. He is back in school at Pierce College and is currently working. He had the courage to drop his old friends and make new ones. He is loving and cheerful around the house and has the self-esteem of a person who knows his self-worth. For these changes we will be forever thankful.”
— JF & CF- Puyallup, Washington



My son was struggling and TAR helped him and gave him life skills. He is home now and doing amazing! Not to say there are always bumps in the road, but this facility is one that works.

- Sandra Baker, August 2021

At TAR, doing real work, solving real problems daily was the game-changer... My son has learned how to express his feelings more frequently. He listens more carefully and expects to be listened to. He has come to understand the benefits and value of hard work... We have a long way to go. But we have more positives and more potential to move forward on a positive trajectory than we have had in many years... I firmly believe none of his would have happened without TAR.

- Robi Robichaud, August 2021

We sent our son to Turn-About and I can't say enough good things about this program. The first time I spoke with them they actually gave me some things that they thought I could do at home to possibly work through our issues and not have to use the program! I was immediately impressed that they were concerned with my son and not just selling an enrollment. My son learned so much there and loved all of the staff members. They put their hearts and souls into helping the kids that are there... They gave us a ton of resources to make sure we keep the momentum and have a smooth transition back to home life... It was life changing for everyone of my family members that were involved.

- Anthony Detrick, July 2021

This place has made all the difference, and saved our 16 year old daughter’s life. Previous counseling, hospitalization, and medications did not work, and we were about to give up on her. She’s come out of this program strong, honest, and positive with herself, and future. The people employed at the ranch are caring, genuine, and simply put, one of a kind. Thank you, for giving us our daughter back.

- P. Bell, July 2021

My 14 year old daughter graduated from Turn-About Ranch about 2 months ago and is the best she has ever been... I am beyond grateful that her journey led her to the people who are so gracious, patient, and brutally honest... This is where the most effective therapy took place for her… where she learned to turn suggested tools/ideas/concepts into action and have her eyes opened to new better ways of shaping her perspective, relationships, communication, and living life by higher morals and values...  this [program] does it right!  ...My daughter loves them, misses them and wants to visit on her one year anniversary… but she doesn’t want to return as a resident either… it’s really brilliant!

- AJ Trainer, July 2021

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