a schoolhouse at Turn-About Ranch

Our vocational program offers an alternative way for students to prepare themselves for the job market and furthering their education. In addition to providing practical life skills, we supply our students with the education they need to find success in their future.

All vocational opportunities promote safety, proper use and maintenance of tools and equipment, and show students how to plan and work together to accomplish tasks. Students get the opportunity to apply these learned skills during their daily ranch duties.

Learning Opportunities:

learning welding at teen boot camp

Culinary Arts – The Culinary Arts class is held in our food service department where our staff are able to teach our students the importance of cleanliness and following directions. Not only will students learn more about this specific field, but they will also learn how to take care of themselves and others.

Auto Mechanics – Students are taught how to assess and maintain a vehicle. They are also provided with the opportunity to explore their interests in this field while learning about small engine repairs and more.

Building Trades – Students will learn how to plan projects, organize material lists, and build structures. They are involved in general maintenance projects as needed on campus giving them real life experience in building repairs and maintenance.

These opportunities not only provide our students with the chance to explore their interests further, but also focus on developing positive characteristics such as self-worth and motivation.

Turn-About Ranch

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