boy sitting on a mountain near Turn-About Ranch

Turn-About Ranch is located in one of the most beautiful and unique environments in North America, making it an excellent place for students to undergo a positive character transformation. Our ranch is located next to the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and National Forest and is just minutes away from Capitol Reef National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.

We strive to enhance our students’ academic and therapeutic experiences by taking advantage of this extraordinary setting. We do this through horseback rides, visits to historical sites and more.

As we are surrounded by places rich in Native American History, we encourage our students to seek, feel, and imagine what life was like prior to their existence. Turn-About Ranch is also near fossil sites connected to the Mesozoic Era—when dinosaurs roamed the very land our students walk today.

standing on a giant mountain rock

In addition to the historical aspects of our location, the landscape of the area where we conduct our care is filled with pinion pines, rugged sandstone canyons, and a creek. There are rock formations to the south and east, with a high-elevation lush forest with many small lakes to the northwest.

With a picture-perfect environment such as this, students begin to learn to respect the land, appreciate its natural beauty, and understand its significance.

Turn-About Ranch

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