Turn-About Ranch’s academic program consists of both a functioning middle and high school, each of which are fully accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission, AdvancED, and the Northwest Association.

Our academic program proudly offers academic credit for your child in the following areas:

  • Science (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry)
  • English (English 7-12, Literature, Creative Writing)
  • Social Studies (U.S. History I & II, World History I & II, World Geography, U.S. Government, Economics, Psychology, Sociology)
  • Math (Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry)
  • Physical Education (Horsemanship Program, Hikes, Team Sports, etc.)

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In addition to providing all necessary educational requirements through our academic program, Turn-About Ranch also fosters a unique environment allowing students to reach their full potential by getting hands on with their learning through an assortment of different techniques, such as visual and auditory learning, development of interpersonal relationships and working in a natural environment.

This additional educational environment allows students to expand upon their capabilities and develop new, valuable skills.

We use our surrounding environment to get our students excited about learning through additional practices including visiting sites of geological interest, analyzing the water in nearby Pine Creek, studying the area’s cryptobiotic soil, and exploring fossil sites of dinosaurs.

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While we utilize our natural surrounding environment to help promote both education and life skills in our students, our academic program also offers a number of vocational opportunities that encourage our students to develop their interests further and to help prepare our students for life after Turn-About Ranch.

We encourage participation in the vocational training, which focus on the Culinary Arts, Auto Mechanics, Building Trades, and learning about job and career opportunities related to construction.  Providing real-world applications to academic and vocational knowledge adds interest and understanding.

To ensure the specific and unique needs of every student is met, our academic director creates an Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) based on information gathered from the student, their families, and their home school. If a student requires a particular class not offered in-house, we offer online courses for an additional fee.

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