A Day at Turn-About Ranch

As the sun rises over the Utah desert, Turn-About Ranch is already bustling with activity. The crow of the roosters marks the start of the day as the pigs, cows, and horses wait to be fed. Our students awaken early, enjoy a hearty breakfast, and then turn their energy and attention toward a day that will be packed with school, therapy, meaningful ranch projects, and horsemanship.


riding horses at Turn-About Ranch

Students participate in a rotating schedule of activities before and after lunch. Some will attend classes at our fully accredited school, while others will practice new skills and riding techniques during horsemanship sessions led by experienced and qualified instructors.

While therapy is integrated in everything we do here, students also participate in weekly individual and group counseling sessions. At mid-term and prior to graduation, family therapy sessions are added to the schedule.

As a working cattle ranch, there are projects that students complete every week that contribute to the functioning of the ranch. By participating in projects like cutting wood, harvesting crops, hauling hay, ranch cleanup, and community service, teens learn valuable lessons—including teamwork, leadership, coping with frustration, and the value of hard work.

boy sitting on a mountain near Turn-About Ranch

One of the highlights of ranch life is being able to ride horses, hike, and join in on cattle drives through the hills, valleys, and sandstone canyons surrounding the ranch. Turn-About Ranch students have many opportunities to enjoy and be inspired by the majestic natural environment that makes Escalante such a beautiful location.

At dusk, the cows come to pasture and the ranch falls silent as teens enjoy a few minutes of quiet time to read, journal, or write letters before bed. As they look back on the day, students are satisfied seeing the fruits of their labor and knowing they contributed to something bigger than themselves.


My 14-year-old daughter graduated from Turn-About Ranch about 2 months ago and is the best she has ever been. After 3 previous hospitalizations and years of working with different (highly qualified & experienced) therapists, the light bulb finally went off after a 120-day program at the ranch. – AJ Training (Google Reviews)


Turn-About Ranch Daily Schedule

Turn-About Ranch sign


Our fully accredited academic program allows teens to continue their education while participating in treatment. Students attend school two to three times per week in four-hour block sessions. Available courses include science, English, math, social studies, and physical education.

boy and his horse at Turn-About Ranch



During horsemanship, teens learn about horse anatomy, safety, and the basics of caring for these amazing animals. Once they master basic knowledge and skills, students may begin arena riding, trail rides, and buckaroos (cattle drives). Horsemanship is a form of equine therapy that teaches students to build healthy attachments and care for individuals other than themselves.

Turn-About Ranch students doing chores

Ranch Projects

Every week, students help with traditional ranch work, including fixing/building fences, cutting wood, working cattle, harvesting crops, hauling hay, ranch cleanup, community service and other activities. These projects are one of the students’ favorite parts of the week because they are active, outdoors, and working as a team to complete projects making real differences on the ranch.

Turn-About Ranch students walking


Because students engage in hands-on learning and overcome challenges throughout each and every day, therapy occurs around the clock at Turn-About Ranch. Every activity is designed to build character, teach values, and promote self-improvement. There is also time set aside for more formal individual sessions, group therapy, and family counseling with on-site professionals.


Life Skills

Our vocational program teaches students valuable life skills in the culinary arts, building trades, animal husbandry, sewing, auto mechanics, gardening, and other areas. In addition to learning practical life skills, students may discover a passion leading to a new educational pursuit or career path.


My son was struggling and TAR helped him and gave him life skills. He is home now and doing amazing! Not to say there are always bumps in the road, but this facility is one that works.

- Sandra Baker, August 2021

At TAR, doing real work, solving real problems daily was the game-changer... My son has learned how to express his feelings more frequently. He listens more carefully and expects to be listened to. He has come to understand the benefits and value of hard work... We have a long way to go. But we have more positives and more potential to move forward on a positive trajectory than we have had in many years... I firmly believe none of his would have happened without TAR.

- Robi Robichaud, August 2021

We sent our son to Turn-About and I can't say enough good things about this program. The first time I spoke with them they actually gave me some things that they thought I could do at home to possibly work through our issues and not have to use the program! I was immediately impressed that they were concerned with my son and not just selling an enrollment. My son learned so much there and loved all of the staff members. They put their hearts and souls into helping the kids that are there... They gave us a ton of resources to make sure we keep the momentum and have a smooth transition back to home life... It was life changing for everyone of my family members that were involved.

- Anthony Detrick, July 2021

This place has made all the difference, and saved our 16 year old daughter’s life. Previous counseling, hospitalization, and medications did not work, and we were about to give up on her. She’s come out of this program strong, honest, and positive with herself, and future. The people employed at the ranch are caring, genuine, and simply put, one of a kind. Thank you, for giving us our daughter back.

- P. Bell, July 2021

My 14 year old daughter graduated from Turn-About Ranch about 2 months ago and is the best she has ever been... I am beyond grateful that her journey led her to the people who are so gracious, patient, and brutally honest... This is where the most effective therapy took place for her… where she learned to turn suggested tools/ideas/concepts into action and have her eyes opened to new better ways of shaping her perspective, relationships, communication, and living life by higher morals and values...  this [program] does it right!  ...My daughter loves them, misses them and wants to visit on her one year anniversary… but she doesn’t want to return as a resident either… it’s really brilliant!

- AJ Trainer, July 2021

Turn-About Ranch

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