June 16, 2020

Tracy Sheres Belbey

“I think I was one of the very first kids to complete a stay at Turn-About Ranch. That was 28 years ago (yikes I’m getting old)! I was recently in southern Utah vacationing and couldn’t help but reflect on my experiences there as I drove by many familiar places from my past. Back then I was a lost 14 year old kid. I had some family issues, my parents were divorcing, I was a high school dropout, a runaway, a “tad” rebellious (ha!), and was unfortunately dabbling in things no 14 year old had business dabbling in.

Looking back now I can honestly that my time at Turn About Ranch probably saved my life. They taught me about accountability, responsibility, hardwork, and integrity. All lessons that have shaped my life as I’ve grown in to the adult woman I am today. However, I have to say that the most impactful thing Turn About did for me was show me that I had options. I was able to see that the dark path I was troding down wasn’t the only path available to me. That idea was a profound revelation at time, and strangely enough, when life gets complicated, it’s a revelation that still helps to guide me as [I] fumble my way through this crazy, glorious life.

I’d like to send a big heartfelt THANK YOU to Dave, Bart, Ken, Kas, Charles, Myron and all the others that helped one broken kid find her wings and fly. You made all the difference in the world. Much love to you all!!”

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