June 16, 2020

Maureen DePasquale

“Turn About Ranch saved our son and family. We had to make one of the hardest decisions when it came to our son. We could no longer live on the emotional roller coaster our son had us on. Our home had become a war zone and it needed to stop. After researching Wilderness Programs for our son, Turn About Ranch came out above the rest. It had all the components our son needed in order to become a healthy young man. It had an accredited school, extensive therapy, accountability, an amazing horsemanship program, an excellent work ethic and staff that truly love the kids and their jobs.

We did read the negative reviews and spoke extensively with the Director of Admissions, Shane. After much soul searching we decided we needed to do this for our son. It was the best decision we have ever made. Do not get me wrong… it is not an easy program. It makes these kids work hard on all levels but it also teaches them to love themselves. So, for every negative comment, there a so many more positives and the end result is so worth every penny… every tear… every uncertainty. We thank God everyday for guiding us to Turn About Ranch.

It gave us our sanity back and a young man who is not so angry at the world and learning to became an amazing young adult. I also would like to add that we, as parents could call the Ranch at anytime to ask questions or voice any concerns. His therapist spent much more time then the allotted amount to make sure we knew exactly what was happening in his daily life at the Ranch. Sharing both emotional growth as well as areas he needed to work on. She went above and beyond the call of duty. We did not feel our son/family was just another kid or number. That was huge in reassuring us that we made the right decision. We will forever be grateful for them guiding us out of the darkness of our life. The sun shines again thanks to the Ranch and its dedicated staff. THANK YOU!”

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