Manipulation is the act of changing the behavior or perception of another person by utilizing indirect and deceptive tactics. It can be done both through words and actions. As pointed out by WebMD, you may see this in your teen with white lies, acts of retaliation, emotional blackmail, and shutting down. Teens who manipulate may also tell exaggerated stories to gain your sympathy or shift blame in the hopes of getting you to react in the way they want you to. Another common manipulation tactic is for teens to try to pit one parent against the other. Such behavior is not healthy in family life.

If your teen is continuously trying to manipulate you, stand your ground. Talk with them and let them know there are rules and consequences in the home and that certain behaviors won’t be tolerated. When rules are broken, make sure to follow through on those consequences. Parents, you may see tears and tantrum-like behavior that could rival any two year old, but it’s important to follow through. Manipulation is like a game, and giving in to such behavior means that your teen has just won.

How Can Turn-About Ranch Help?

Over the years, many of our students have come to us as seasoned manipulators. We teach them to be accountable for their actions, and we never give in to their antics. We help them learn the benefits of positive, non-manipulative behavior.

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