Learning Disabilities

A learning disability (LD) is when someone has difficulty taking in new knowledge and acquiring new skills at the same rate as those their own age. The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) reports that 1.7 percent of the US population have some form of LD. That’s 4.6 million people! Those with behavioral disorders will often have LD as well. As the NCLD points out, 55 percent of those with LD will be involved with the criminal justice system within eight years of leaving high school.

Does your teen struggle in school? Talk with their school’s counseling office about having them tested for possible learning disorders. If your child does have LD, he or she may be able to request certain accommodations that will help them succeed in school—like extra time on tests.

If your child does have a learning disability and they’re displaying behavioral issues as well, look into therapeutic services near you. There may be youth support groups for your teen to participate in as well as therapists who specialize in teen learning disabilities.

How Can Turn-About Ranch Help?

Turn-About Ranch isn’t just a boot camp for teens. We value academics and give our students the opportunity to continue their education while they’re with us. They may even participate in vocational training. If your child comes to us and has a learning disorder, we will work with them and help them learn to work through their learning issues. We believe teens can learn the perseverance they need to be successful both academically and as they move into adulthood in the upcoming years. If your child has learning disabilities and has also been struggling with managing their behavior, take this quiz here to analyze their behavior.

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