Does your teen spend more time alone than usual? Even at the cost of avoiding family members or friends? Are they secluding themselves to their room or safe spot too often? If so, your teen may be experiencing isolation. This is also a key symptom of depression. In contrast, isolation can also be experienced in bullying and abuse scenarios where individuals are forced to be separated from others. Though modern technology offers the ability to connect to others online, teens spending excess time alone at home is a sign of bigger problems they are trying to avoid. Teens in isolation may exhibit dark moods, irritability, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and a lack of motivation.

How Can Turn-About Ranch Help?

At Turn-About Ranch, teens learn the value of teamwork. We do things together, and learn to value each other. We have worked with many teens who have gone through isolation, and we strive to help them learn the value of community. We teach them to come out of their shell, and to be strong individuals who can face the world. Our students experience success with new skills through activities that build confidence and self-worth. They also learn how to make and keep friends.

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