Impulse Control Disorders

An impulse control disorder is a condition where people find themselves struggling to control their emotions or behaviors. In response, their actions may intrude on others’ personal boundaries. Here is a noncomprehensive list of several examples of these disorders:

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder—frequently losing temper and constant feelings of anger and resentment.
  • Conduct Disorder—violating social rules and may even act aggressively with others and animals, purposefully destroy property, or habitually break rules.
  • Intermittent Explosive Disorder—expressing persistent impulsive and angry outbursts.
  • Kleptomania—finding a sense of gratification from stealing.
  • Pyromania—deliberately and repeatedly setting fires out of the need to release built-up tension inside them.

Impulse control disorders typically get diagnosed during childhood or adolescence. If your child is showing signs of extreme impulsivity, seek help now. Such disorders can negatively affect them at school, work, and home. However, these conditions can be controlled. With the right help, your child can learn coping mechanisms that will set them up for a successful adulthood.

How Can Turn-About Ranch Help?

We are no stranger to impulse control disorders. Our experienced staff are here to guide your teen and to help them learn real values like self-control, respect, and accountability. At Turn-About Ranch, your teen will have a safe environment where they can learn to master their impulses and overcome them.

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