Dysthymia, or Persistent Depressive Disorder, is a form of depression that is long-term. Teenagers with this milder form of depression are often described as angry at the world or lost in their own sadness. This condition can take years to overcome and can have a negative impact on relationships, school, and work. Some of the signs that your teen may have this type of depression are

  • No longer interested in everyday activities, including hobbies.
  • Feel hopeless.
  • Struggle with being productive and have very little energy.
  • Have low self-esteem and don’t feel like they’re enough.
  • Avoid activities, even with their friends.
  • Have problems sleeping.
  • Have a poor appetite or problem overeating.

This condition can be caused by

  • Physical changes to the brain.
  • Brain chemistry.
  • Inherited traits.
  • Triggering life events.

How Can Turn-About Ranch Help?

If your teen struggles with dysthymia or any other form of depression, seek treatment. Depression can lead to other mental health disorders, so it’s important for teens to learn the life skills they need to manage the condition—especially since it can be a recurring condition. Our adolescent treatment program has worked with many teens with dysthymia and various other forms of depression. Our program is built to help them work through their depression and teach them to value themselves and others.

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