While diabetes isn’t always thought of as a behavior-impacting diagnosis, it can be. Youth with type 1 diabetes are not able to regulate their blood sugar on their own without taking insulin. Low blood sugar can lead to aggressive or unhealthy behavior. Added restrictions and lifestyle changes often result in teens feeling anxious and depressed. Some may even struggle to accept their diagnosis and ignore their diabetes completely, which could lead to hospitalization. Due to all of these factors, people with type 1 diabetes are more prone to developing psychiatric disorders.

How Can Turn-About Ranch Help

At Turn-About Ranch, our staff are trained and equipped to help diabetic teens cope with and manage their medical condition. Our on-site nurse will be here to help make sure they’re taking their insulin as needed and that they maintain their blood sugar levels. If needed, students may be taken to a nearby town for doctor appointments and further medical assistance. While learning to manage their diabetes, our ranch activities will teach them valuable life lessons that will help them manage their emotions as well.

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