Bi-Polar Disorder

Only about 2.6 percent of Americans struggle with Bi-Polar Disorder—when people experience manic episodes (extreme happiness or energy) which may be preceded before or after by a depressive episode (intense sadness or depression). Usually, people who have this mental health condition start showing signs during their late teens or early adult years. It can be a result of family genes, brain structure, or their environment. These are just a few of the common symptoms:

Manic Episodes

  • Short temper.
  • Act compulsively.
  • Be overly sexually active.

Depressive Episodes

  • Feels worthless.
  • Oversleeps.
  • Loses interest in activities or friends.

Of course, there are many more symptoms to consider. We recommend you check out this article on Healthline to see a more extensive list of symptoms.

How Can Turn-About Ranch Help?

A big part of what we do at Turn-About Ranch is teach students how to manage their condition so they can live successful lives. If your child has Bi-Polar Disorder, our professional team will teach them the coping skills they need to work through their highs and lows appropriately. If you believe that your child has been suffering from bipolar disorder, take this quiz here to analyze their behavior.

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