Adjustment Disorder

When stressful life events occur in a person’s life there is typically an adjustment period which might last up to a few months. Those who have an adjustment disorder, however, may find it more difficult to adjust to stressful situations. The stress may trigger them into feeling anxious or depressed and may lead to negative emotional or behavioral reactions, such as:

  • Frequent crying.
  • Constant worrying.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Difficulty functioning in daily activities.
  • Withdrawal.

How Can Turn-About Ranch Help?

By taking a break from their everyday lives and coming to Turn-About Ranch, students have the opportunity to set aside their stressors and take the time to appropriately process what has happened in their lives. We provide a safe place where students can work through their issues and learn the coping skills they need to adapt when stressful events happen.

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