Turn-About Ranch works with Health Insurance to assist our clients with the cost of treatment. Because Turn-About Ranch is not in-network with any insurance carriers, we contract with a Healthcare Advocacy company, at no cost to the client, to help facilitate insurance processing.

What Does the Healthcare Advocacy Company Do?

We can work with PPO policies with Residential Treatment Benefits and/or Partial Hospitalization benefits. Since we are out-of-network, we generally cannot work with HMO policies unless they have applicable out-of-network benefits. Our specialists can help verify insurance benefits as they apply to services provided. Turn-About Ranch’s Health Care Advocates handle all Pre-Authorization, Utilization Reviews, and Filing of Claims on our clients’ behalf.

Working with insurance may seem daunting, but our team and the Healthcare Advocacy company are here for you! Here is the experience of Beckie Jarrett, one of our client’s parents, after she finished working with the denials management team:

”I am emailing about your top notch team at denials management.

Wow!! If I could reach out and hug Kortni, I would. Wow! She fought the giant, CIGNA, and she won!

She put together a magnificent defense and won at 100%.”

While no guarantees can be given that your insurance will cover everything, we can guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to help you get what you can from your insurance.

The Deposit

Since Turn-About Ranch is out-of-network and Pre-Authorization is a no guarantee of payment, we require our clients to be ready to pay for treatment costs upfront. Insurance payment is then pursued to help our clients recover these expenses.

Turn-About Ranch requires a deposit to reserve a bed space, which covers our Enrollment Fee. This enrollment fee is not covered by insurance. Our payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cashier’s Checks, Personal Checks, and Money Orders. Turn-About Ranch does NOT accept Wire Transfers or ACH.

Financing Options

Some parents prefer to finance their child’s stay through loans. Financing your child’s stay with cost-effective loans can allow you to make low monthly payments over a period of time. Loans are an attractive option for parents considering private treatment for their children. Turn-About Ranch does not have in-house financing but we do recommend a couple of providers:

My Treatment Lender and Prosper Healthcare Lending are two organizations that offer loans to families.

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Have Questions?

If you have any questions about how Turn-About Ranch works with insurance or would like help in considering other financial options, please give us a a call at (800) 842-1165.

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