Turn-About Ranch COVID 19 Admissions and Visitation Policy

Turn-About Ranch continues to be committed to the health and well-being of our students and co-workers during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Turn-About Ranch will remain open during this event to continue to help families on their journeys of growth and change.

As more and more children are out of school and community events are postponed, parents have even less resources to assist them with children in crisis. During this unprecedented event, our mission is even more critical in giving relief to families that do not know where else to turn. Please know that Turn-About Ranch is continuing to admit students with enhanced safety precautions in place.

In order to allow us to continue to assist as many families as possible, admissions will continue with enhanced screening procedures in accordance with CDC and Utah State Health Department protocols. We are diligently staying informed on the latest news and recommendations and will continue to make adjustments as necessary.

Currently, all new admissions and visitors are subject to stringent precautions, including, but not limited to:

  • All potential new admits must be prescreened for the following risk factors:
    • Travel outside the US or to high risk areas within the US in the last 21 days.
    • Fever, persistent cough, breathing difficulties, headaches, and runny noses.
  • Two weeks of self-quarantine with no symptoms for all residents of the home, including those who will transport.
  • Complete a full screening via phone and then again upon arrival at main office.
  • Our intake campus, Roundy, will effectively act as a second quarantine where students will remain until they complete the first two levels of their program before interacting with the rest of the students.
  • Parents visiting for drop-off and/or graduation must adhere to the same screening guidelines.
  • Parent trainings and visits at mid-term and graduation will take place in a virtual format until April 23, 2020, or until CDC guidelines change.

Each case is unique and will be assessed accordingly. Turn-About Ranch will continue to follow and adjust its Admissions and Visitation Policies in accordance with best practices. Additional information is available through your Admissions representative. Please call 800-842-1165 with questions or to discuss specific details of your circumstance.

Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to serve your child and family. We also appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we strive to maintain a safe environment for our current and future students. Please feel free to reply with any questions or suggestions as we work together to make the most of a difficult time.


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