Meet Pete! Our Equine Therapist of the Month!

Equine Therapist of the Month


Pete came to Turn-About Ranch back in 2005. He came out of Mexico as a young, well-seasoned and big hearted 5 year old ranch horse. Over his 15 year career at Turn-About Ranch he has worked with approximately 75 kids. Though in the very beginning Pete had issues with crossing water (whether a puddle or a trickling stream), both staff and our more experienced student riders helped Pete get over his apprehension (he initially would leap water like he was leaping across the Grand Canyon) and he is now a horse that has no problem standing docilely in a stream cooling his hooves. Pete is an all-around gentle horse that’s both easy to be around and willing …

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Where Are They Now? Lauren’s Story

It’s hard to believe that it has been 11 years since I stepped foot at Turn-About Ranch. I remember driving up to the barn in the middle of a blizzard. Being from Texas, the amount of snow coming down was unbelievable. Right as we parked, I was rushed out of my car and into a truck that escorted me down the road to Roundy. Little did I know that was the last time I would see my parents and the beginning of my time at Turn-About Ranch.

Before Turn-About Ranch I was lost. At age 15, I had found myself in a world of hurt and falling down a tunnel I didn’t know how to get out of. After years of battling with depression and anxiety, …

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Helping Teens Become Successful Students

Learn how our teen treatment facility helps teens succeed academically with this article by Hugh C. McBride.

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Turn-About Ranch Featured on Dr. Phil

Our teen treatment facility is frequently featured on Dr. Phil’s TV show. Learn more about the teens who he recommends to participate in our program.

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Transforming Underachieving Teens into Leaders

Read Meghan Vivo’s article about how Turn-About Ranch helps troubled youth become the leaders of tomorrow.


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