Turn About Ranch saved not only our son but saved our entire family. We had spent thousands of dollars at other places to get him help and years of counseling and medications. Nothing worked. Turn-About Ranch is THE REAL DEAL. Rivers is thriving and doing great. GPA 3.74, loving school. We LOVE the entire staff at TAR and my son misses them dearly. They truly put their heart and soul into every aspect of my son’s life and I don’t know how they made such huge, drastic changes in 100 days of therapy but they did. Thank you Rob, Shane, Michelle, Golden, Myron and the rest of the staff at TAR. If anyone wants the best treatment for their child....this is it! I’ve read some comments about TAR on sites that are truly bothersome. They simply are not true. People need to keep in mind that not everyone is open to getting help and even resist it. Even parents of the kids at TAR aren’t always willing to hear advice and to make the needed changes, then fuss when they don’t see the improvements they hoped to see. It is teamwork and a willingness to trust the experts at TAR. We trusted them with our son’s LIFE and would do it all over again if we needed to. My son is already talking about going back to visit “his second family at TAR.” - 01/15/2018

- Angela M.

I will forever be grateful for Turn About Ranch and the staff! The staff is very caring and genuinely interested in the success of the students. The facility has a very homey feel. The program is designed to help the students discover who they are and what they are capable of! Thank you Turn About Ranch for helping our son remember his value and potential! We love you all! - 02/18/2018

- Jennifer W.

Turn about Ranch lives up to its name. The program and the staff, were a Godsend for our family! We were all changed and Jon was emotionally healed of so much pain....and our relationships were never the same. The resources given to us as parents were amazing. When we went for midterm and final, we saw the caring relationships the kids had with the staff and horses. How blessed we are to have heard of and experienced your program and we are forever grateful! We highly recommend this program for your child and the parents. If you each do your part, there will be amazing change in your family . - 11/12/2017

- Paula B.

I can't say enough good things about TAR and the staff that became 2nd family to our daughter. She tells me often what a blessing it was for her to have been given the opportunity to spend time at TAR. I truly feel it saved her life...it definitely changed it without a doubt. Best decision our family ever made. - 07/07/2018

- Angie L.

I cannot thank the staff at turn-about ranch enough for their dedication and skill. TAR is a truly special program. The progress my son has made is amazing to me and a true testament to the blessing that TAR is. We are so very thankful! Further, they gave us the skills as a family to continue his progress now that he is home. - 07/24/2018

- Ronni P.


Turn-About Ranch

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