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Testimonials from Parents

“TAR was wonderful for helping my daughter. Staff is great to the kids and she is getting the help she needs. While visiting at mid term I was very pleased with ranch staff was so great. And my daughter was so excited to show us around and meet everyone that works there. I got nothing but positive feedback from my daughter. Thank you turnabout ranch.”

- Rene Stepanian

“Absolutely recommend this program without a doubt. I was a frustrated mother at a breaking with a struggling teenager that hit rock bottom. Without this program in our life, I don’t know if I would have ever seen his smiling face again. I can’t say enough about the staff, counseling and program itself. Don’t listen to the negativity with reviews, I didn’t. It was a tough decision but thank God every day I trusted my gut and the program. I have my son back and yes it’s a tough structured program but all in a good way, the way it needs to be. He needed a drastic measure and TAR exceeded my expectations. Worth every penny. Thank you!!!”

- Amanda J. Miller

“TAR saved my daughter’s life ~ She is now happy, very successful and I owe so much of that to them!”

- Wendy Werner

“My daughter was at Turn About Ranch. This program not only saved her life but also United us as a family. It was the most humbling experience of my life and leaving her was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Getting her back – as she was before she got into trouble – was the most rewarding and amazing thing. It’s the end result that makes the process worth while. The staff was so wonderful. They made this experience easier to go through. Michelle and Lorie keep me posted on my daughters initial days then the weekly posting of her progress gave me strength. The staff made such an impression on my daughter that she wants to continue a relationship with them. Her therapist called weekly and never held back on setting her father and I straight. This program is not only for our children but for the entire family. Don’t hesitate! This program will work if all efforts are made by both the parents and child. Totally worth it. My daughter is now home and in private school and putting her life back together day by day. It’s a blessing to know Turn About Ranch is still there if we need them. Very happy mom in San Diego.”

- Julissa Hernandez

“I highly recommend to having your child going to Turn About Ranch. My son grew so much from this program. He developed growth within his self and received many tools to manage his anger management and sobriety. He got a big dose of work ethic and to be respectful. He made amazing friendships with other boys and staff as well. Not only did my son receive but in the end he was able to give back to others as well. My son grew to love and appreciate ranch living. He loved going out on the round ups. This place was a blessing for my son and me to be able rebuild our relationship with one another. TAR helped him get back on track with academics as well. TAR was a place where my son had an opportunity to hit the reset button on life. I am so forever grateful to having my son back. Thank you and God bless you all for helping my son to be able to move forward on a path to succeed in life.”

- Mary Jo Williams

“After speaking with families (you may speak to families who had their child there) that have enrolled their child in the Turn-About Ranch program, 5 starts isn’t enough to review this real ranch. The student studies and earns a semester of school credit while waking/sleeping early- being responsible for the care of animals and learning plain old work ethic; they go from a bad place in their life to experiencing life in a whole new light achieving goals every step of the way. The goals gave D. the courage to get past tragedy and mold herself for a wonderful future. The staff were caring, transparent, and helped the entire family. Thank you for providing this service.”

- Suzanne Catlett

“Thank you Turn-About Ranch! The first week of my daughter being back was a little challenging as we were all re-establishing our new normal, but now things are going really well. The main changes I’ve seen are that her self esteem is so much higher now and her anger is almost non-existent. I can say that she and I have the best relationship we’ve ever had. She is being really good about coming to me and talking through things as they happen rather than holding it in and letting the anger build. I am doing the same, it’s helped a lot!”

- Diane Wharton

“Turn About Ranch saved our son and family. We had to make one of the hardest decisions when it came to our son. We could no longer live on the emotional roller coaster our son had us on. Our home had become a war zone and it needed to stop. After researching Wilderness Programs for our son, Turn About Ranch came out above the rest. It had all the components our son needed in order to become a healthy young man. It had an accredited school, extensive therapy, accountability, an amazing horsemanship program, an excellent work ethic and staff that truly love the kids and their jobs.

We did read the negative reviews and spoke extensively with the Director of Admissions, Shane. After much soul searching we decided we needed to do this for our son. It was the best decision we have ever made. Do not get me wrong… it is not an easy program. It makes these kids work hard on all levels but it also teaches them to love themselves. So, for every negative comment, there a so many more positives and the end result is so worth every penny… every tear… every uncertainty. We thank God everyday for guiding us to Turn About Ranch.

It gave us our sanity back and a young man who is not so angry at the world and learning to became an amazing young adult. I also would like to add that we, as parents could call the Ranch at anytime to ask questions or voice any concerns. His therapist spent much more time then the allotted amount to make sure we knew exactly what was happening in his daily life at the Ranch. Sharing both emotional growth as well as areas he needed to work on. She went above and beyond the call of duty. We did not feel our son/family was just another kid or number. That was huge in reassuring us that we made the right decision. We will forever be grateful for them guiding us out of the darkness of our life. The sun shines again thanks to the Ranch and its dedicated staff. THANK YOU!”

- Maureen DePasquale

“Was our last resort out of fear from the unknown. Wish it would of been our 1st . Wish we would of done this in early teens instead of waiting. But so thankful to have our daughter back with attitude to enjoy life and each other. Thanks to Turn-About Ranch who gave her a chance to get to the root of the issues that was holding her back. The staff here is amazing.. Each having their own role in making this happen. Thank You All!!!!!’

- Kim Williams

Testimonials from Graduates

“This place made me a successful human being.”

- Bo Farnsworth

“I think I was one of the very first kids to complete a stay at Turn-About Ranch. That was 28 years ago (yikes I’m getting old)! I was recently in southern Utah vacationing and couldn’t help but reflect on my experiences there as I drove by many familiar places from my past. Back then I was a lost 14 year old kid. I had some family issues, my parents were divorcing, I was a high school dropout, a runaway, a “tad” rebellious (ha!), and was unfortunately dabbling in things no 14 year old had business dabbling in.

Looking back now I can honestly that my time at Turn About Ranch probably saved my life. They taught me about accountability, responsibility, hardwork, and integrity. All lessons that have shaped my life as I’ve grown in to the adult woman I am today. However, I have to say that the most impactful thing Turn About did for me was show me that I had options. I was able to see that the dark path I was troding down wasn’t the only path available to me. That idea was a profound revelation at time, and strangely enough, when life gets complicated, it’s a revelation that still helps to guide me as [I] fumble my way through this crazy, glorious life.

I’d like to send a big heartfelt THANK YOU to Dave, Bart, Ken, Kas, Charles, Myron and all the others that helped one broken kid find her wings and fly. You made all the difference in the world. Much love to you all!!”

- Tracy Sheres Belbey

“DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a fake post nor have I been paid to post this. I am writing my story first and foremost because I had a wonderful experience and also because of the negative people who have nothing better to do than troll this page (with or without attending TAR).

Anyone who is struggling with their rebellious child and has lost all hope should seriously consider sending their child here. I attended TAR in ’07 I was 17 years old and senior in HS who would do anything to defy my parents. I was ALSO awoken in my bed early in the morning by two transporters and sent away, but this was all due to MY bad behavior. My parents are nothing short of amazing and because of my crappy teenage attitude and not wanting to listen OR respect my parents I was sent here. My parents did everything they could in their power (even call the police on me) to get me to listen and settle down. MY behavior had nothing to do with how my parents raised me. I was a very fortunate child who grew up in a middle-class family that fell into the WRONG crowd and had issues coping with the rules my parents set in THEIR house (and these rules were like any other…curfew, no going out on school nights etc.)

When I arrived at TAR I had no idea where I was or how long I was going to be there. I was scared and sad that I had pushed my parents so far that this ended up being their last ditch effort. Everything that I took for granted was taken away from me in the beginning and through this I had to learn how to appreciate the things that my parents worked so hard to provide for me.

This program works you HARD and the reason that they do this is to show you that you are capable of so much more. They also do this to break you down and show you that respect is EARNED not given. The hard work that we endured was nothing close to ABUSE, they were chores that we were expected to accomplish just like my parents expected of me. And if we gave lip, or refused to work we were punished by having to do MORE work or have time added to our stay at TAR which is completely reasonable.

I worked the program even with having a rebellious attitude and it happened to be the best experience of my life. I graduated after 103 days. I went back home and yes I still partied with my friends, but I had a heck of a lot more respect for my parents and my life in general. Thank you Peggy, Wayne, Tom, Deb, Deborah, Rex (R.I.P), Carol, Myron, Carl and many many more. I am forever indebted to you for your hard work. I hope one day to return and visit and maybe share my own story with the kids there.”

- Mallorey Pivovar

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