August 30, 2022

Turn-About Ranch Parents & Graduates: What Are They Really Saying?

At Turn-About Ranch, we are committed to helping struggling teens and their families through our residential treatment program. Because we have remained committed to our mission, we have helped countless teens by instilling real change and helping them develop into effective individuals.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Below are the stories of both parents and Turn-About ranch graduates, expressing how our program helped improve their lives.

Jen’s Story: A Parent of a Turn-About Ranch Graduate

Jen is a caring mother who only wants the best for her son. After her teen started to struggle at home, she involved her son in various programs to try and get him the help he needed. From individual therapy to other facilities, nothing seemed to be working. Eventually, Turn-About Ranch was recommended to her and after visiting our facility, she finally felt like she had found a solution. Jen’s story is unique as it comes from the perspective of one of our parents. Listen to her story and see why she is grateful for finding Turn-About Ranch

Emily’s Story: A Turn-About Ranch Graduate

Before coming to Turn-About Ranch, Emily often found herself partying, drinking, and various other dangerous situations to avoid the problems she was currently facing. Emily’s actions contributed to her family’s relationship suffering. She no longer wanted to be around her family, because she was doing things she wasn’t supposed to be and she feared she would accidentally tell them of her actions.

After coming to Turn-About Ranch, Emily learned that her actions had consequences and wanted to change. Once graduated, Emily found our program successful, and her relationship with her mother improved. Listen to their story and learn how Turn-About ranch can help your family.

Talie’s Story: A Turn-About Ranch Graduate

Like most of the students that come to Turn-About Ranch, Talie had family conflicts due to the negative influences she had around her. Talie was hanging out with peers which influenced her actions negatively. She often found herself going down the wrong path and didn’t have her best interest in mind.

When she came to our facility, she started learning more about empathy and responsibility thanks to our horsemanship program. This program is part of what makes us Turn-About Ranch. It helps students learn the value of patience, focus, connections, and commitment. Listen to Talie’s story and learn more about how her life changed for the better after coming to Turn-About Ranch.

Hunter’s Story: A Turn-About Ranch Graduate

When teens come to Turn-About Ranch, it doesn’t take long for them to understand why they’re here. When they first go to Camp Roundy, the first location on the ranch where they’ll stay, students are given plenty of space and time to think. This is where we start to see self-reflection from our students and this is exactly what happened to Hunter.

When Hunter first arrived at the ranch, he didn’t have a good relationship with his family. Through family therapy and hard work done on the ranch, both Hunter and his parents feel that their relationship is fixed and healthy. Listen to their story and get the perspective of both our graduate and his parents.

Hiwot’s Story: A Turn-About Ranch Graduate

At Turn-About Ranch, students start their ranch experience at Camp Roundy. Here, they’ll work through why they’re here, learn the basics of ranch life, and have lots of time for self-reflection. Once they’ve completed certain goals, teens will then be able to move on to the main part of the ranch (also known as The Barn).

For Hiwot, this is where she first started learning responsibility and the value of goals. This helped her throughout her time on the ranch and by the time she graduated, she and her mom felt that their relationship was stronger than ever. However, when Hiwot’s mom first left her daughter with us, she was both nervous and excited. Listen to their story and see how their relationship became strong after Turn-About Ranch.

Henrih’s Story: A Turn-About Ranch Graduate

Before coming to the ranch, Henrih struggled at home. He had problems with his family and his future. After coming to Turn-About Ranch, he realized that he also wanted to work on a Ranch. Listen to Henrih’s story as he explains how our residential treatment facility helped him.

During their time at Turn-About Ranch, students will work hard participating in projects with real value and benefit both themselves and their community. Students will develop a strong work ethic that applies to their everyday life. When a project is completed, our students can step back and realize how their contribution to the ranch has positively impacted the community as a whole.

Do You Have a Struggling Teen?

Here at Turn-About Ranch, we are committed to helping you and your teen. We have created a facility where our students can grow and work on their issues in a safe environment. If you believe that we are a good fit for your troubled teen, contact us and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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