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October 18, 2021

How Turn-About Ranch Saved This Mother & Daughter Relationship

Here at Turn-About Ranch, we are sincerely committed to our mission: To help develop our students into effective individuals and positively impact their lives and the lives of their families. Over the years, we have helped numerous teens and their families reconnect and build healthy lasting relationships with one another. In the testimonial down below, you’ll hear about Emily’s story and how Turn-About Ranch saved her and her mother’s relationship.

Emily’s Story: A Turn-About Ranch Graduate

What Was Your Life Like Before Turn-About Ranch?

“Before Turn-About Ranch, I had a really bad relationship with my whole family. I didn’t want to be around them, because I was doing things that I shouldn’t have been doing.”

Before coming to Turn-About Ranch, Emily often found herself in trouble. She was dealing with a lot, and instead of dealing with those things head-on, she would put herself in dangerous situations—such as underage drinking, partying, or anything that would help distract her from facing the issues at hand. Emily’s actions contributed to her family’s relationship suffering. She no longer wanted to be around her family, because she was doing things she wasn’t supposed to be and she feared she would accidentally tell them of her actions.

“I came to Turn-About, and since then we’ve mended our relationships. And I’m open and honest about everything, and there are different ways to deal with problems. Overall, it is just better.”

What Benefits Have You Seen from Your Experience at Turn-About Ranch?

“The greatest benefits I got from Turn-About Ranch were, first of all, meeting the staff, because they’re like a second family to me now. Second, learning that I’m worth so much more than what I thought when I first got here.”

The true heart and soul of Turn-About Ranch are the people who come to work here every day with the sole purpose of guiding troubled youth along the path toward a healthy and productive future. When a student enrolls with us, they will work with a team of professionals whose skills are surpassed only by their compassion and dedication. We care about our students and want to instill real change and values. Our staff members work in active collaboration with our students to ensure that they are receiving the guidance, support, and supervision they need.

How Have You Grown From Your Time at Turn-About Ranch?

“I learned to actually work for things while I was at Turn-About. I learned that you’re not handed things, you have to work for it.”

Hard work is one of the best teachers and when students come to Turn-About Ranch, they’ll learn what a good day’s work means. As a working cattle ranch, there are projects students complete every week that contribute to the functioning ranch. They’ll participate in projects such as cutting wood, harvesting crops, hauling hay, and more. This is to teach our students valuable lessons—including teamwork, leadership, coping with frustration, and the value of hard work.

“I struggled personally in school a lot back home. Because there are so many students and it’s hard if you get behind.”

Before coming to Turn-About Ranch, Emily struggled with school. She felt as if she wasn’t getting the attention she needed to be successful. She was falling behind and that led to even more problems. When doing Turn-About Ranch’s academic program, she felt as if she was getting that one-on-one support she needed and ended up completing her junior year quicker than she expected.

Teacher helping a student one on one

What Do You Have to Say to Parents?

“When a lot of kids get to Turn-About, parents are going to think that their kids aren’t ever going to forgive them. When my mom dropped me off, she probably thought the same. It was the complete opposite with me, it was more I realized what I had and I wanted her to know that I loved her.”

It isn’t easy for parents to send their kids to Turn-About Ranch. Parents who send their kids to us, often fear that their teens are going to hold it against them. However, this usually isn’t the case. Once teens start to utilize what they’re learning in our environment, their perspective changes, and they often end up thanking their parents for getting them the help they needed. This was the case for Emily and her mother.

“After they go through [Turn-About Ranch’s program], they learn so much about family and about themselves. And they will forgive you, and they do love you. If you have a child in Turn-About Ranch, don’t worry. They’re in great hands, and we’re very taken care of.”

How Is Your Relationship with Your Mom?

“Before I came to Turn-About my relationship with my mom was horrible. I had it in my mind that I couldn’t stand her, and I would do anything to move out and get away from my mom. Now my relationship with my mom is closer than it’s ever been. We talk about everything, and I don’t have to hide anything from her.”

We are a big believer in family therapy. Research has shown that one of the biggest predictors of a teen’s success after completing a program is how much their family is involved afterward. Here, parents can participate in weekly sessions and work through problems as a family. This helps identify parenting strengths and weaknesses.

Emily’s Mom: A Conversation with a Turn-About Ranch Parent

Tell Us About Your Experience With Turn-About Ranch?

“I know I learned just as much here as she did at Turn-About Ranch. I took that time to try and learn everything that I could about myself. It’s been very eye-opening to me, and we both learned from the experience. Now, we have a much better relationship.”

We take traditional treatment models used to help troubled youth develop into effective individuals while giving them the opportunity to work on a real cattle ranch. While on the ranch, students will learn concepts like leadership, teamwork, accountability, and responsibility.

What Sacrifices Did You Make for Emily to Come to Turn-About Ranch?

“It was a very difficult decision to make. In our situation, I felt desperate to get her the help she needed. I made big sacrifices to send Emily here, and I don’t regret it one single bit. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Our philosophy at Turn-About Ranch can be summarized into six simple words: Real Ranch. Real Values. Real Change.

We place a great amount of emphasis on providing an authentic experience through which students can learn to grow. As students begin to embrace the value of real work, they begin to take greater pride in their work and develop a strong sense of ownership over their responsibilities.

“I don’t have the fear anymore that she is making the choices that are going to be devastating to her life. She’s learned from her mistakes and made good decisions and changed the things that she needed in order for her to have a good life. [Turn-About Ranch] not only saves your kid, but it also saves your relationships.”

How Turn-About Ranch Can Help

“I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for our family and for my daughter.”

We have created a facility where our students can grow and work on their issues in a safe environment. If you believe that Turn-About Ranch is a good fit for your child, contact us and our admission team will be in touch with you. We are committed to helping you and your teen and look forward to hearing from you.

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