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June 3, 2021

Turn-About Ranch Graduate Says Thank You

Turn-About Ranch has become a home away from home for many students. Many see their time on the ranch as a positive milestone moment where they learned valuable life lessons and found the healing they needed. Our current and graduated students are like family to us. Over the last few months, Turn-About Ranch has been talked about in the news and on social media, and so it’s only natural that some of these family members would want to have their voices heard too.

The following is a testimonial by Magdalena L.

“I am writing this because I’ve seen horrible things being said about the ranch by people who haven’t set foot here, who have no business trashing the staff with lies. If all of what I have seen online was true, I would not want to work here someday. I find it disgusting that because of one person who made a statement about a different facility, hundreds of people are ruining the legacy of a place that only wants the best for their students. Turn About Ranch saves lives and families. If I had not come here, I wouldn’t have lived. This is a place that I went to, that I lived at for 4 months and they became like family to me. Here is my story:

Before I was sent to Turn About Ranch, I was in a very dark place. I was 16 when my parents were trying to get me to see therapists, but I refused and things only got worse. When the transporters showed up to my house, I was mad. If I looked back to that night today, I wouldn’t recognize myself.

The first week at the ranch was hard. I was used to everything being handed to me. I soon came to realize that the levels we go through at the ranch is like life. You start at the very bottom and earn your way up. I didn’t realize how much I had until I came to the ranch and saw that working your way up takes hard work and dedication. The ranch taught me how to be the girl I am today. Yes, my time at the ranch had its ups and downs just like life does. If I broke the rules, I was given time to reflect on my actions.

I remember a day that completely changed me from thinking I was going to fake my way through the program to realizing I needed help. I was preparing lunch with Myron, and he asked me about my life before Turn About Ranch. Before coming to the ranch I had no respect for authority. I didn’t trust anyone which led me to keeping everything inside and never letting it out. After I told Myron what I’ve put everyone through, he asked me what I wanted to accomplish to better myself and what they could do to help me. At that moment, I swallowed my pride and admitted I needed help. From that day forward I grew so much more, put my trust in the staff members, and did everything I could to start my path to a normal life.

The moral of the story is this ranch not only heals you, it builds you into a stronger person but only if you put in the effort of changing your past into a success story. To heal you have to WANT change, you have to MAKE the changes. You won’t get fixed in a week. If I had advice to give to the students there right now, I would tell them, “If you work your way through this program with the sole intent of intentionally making a change in your lives, if you focus on yourself and how to be better towards yourself and your families, it’ll help you grow into the person you never thought you could be. Hard work leads to success. It’s worth it in the end.

I want to thank all the staff at TAR for saving me and giving me another chance at life. I want to give a special thank you to Myron, Joy, and Renae. Without you guiding, helping, and believing in me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Myron, thank you for telling me during my first month at the ranch that if I wanted to be trusted again, I would have to put in the work. Thank you for telling me that it’s not weird to love horses and to chase my dream of working with them, because without those words I would not be pursuing that as my career today. Joy and Renae, thank you for your support and guidance when I was trying to move on and forget the things that once ruled my world.

I want to say one last thing to all the staff at Turn About Ranch: thank you all for your hard work you put into helping kids and dedicating your lives to giving them hope in the future. You all outdo yourselves everyday, your hearts are full of love and I can see that this ranch is very important to you just as it is to me. I love the staff and this ranch with all my heart and I thank you all for everything you do.”

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