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April 2, 2021

Staying Committed to Our Mission!

There has been a lot of noise in the media lately; nevertheless, our mission has not changed—help youth and families who are struggling to find their way. We are a working cattle ranch in the old Southwest. We work hard, eat well, and take pride in what we do. We work with our hands. Sometimes we get dirty and sometimes we sleep on the floor. We hold people accountable and we work through the consequences of our actions. We help struggling youth. We have been performing this same mission for over thirty years.

As seen on the Dr. Phil Show, Danielle Bregoli was one of our students. We enjoyed our association with Danielle. She did well at the ranch and is a valued member of the Turn-About Ranch Family. At the time Danielle graduated, she valued her time here too. Her positive, emotional journey at the ranch is well documented in her follow-up visit to the Dr. Phil show. Anyone with a desire to understand her true feelings about the Ranch and the relationships we built are encouraged to re-watch the show.

We have had tremendous support from many other members of the Turn-About Ranch Family during this time of casual, mean-spirited attacks. To all of our past students and their parents, “Thank you!” your support means everything. We know that many of you are deeply offended by recent attacks in the media. All is well. We will weather the storm and be stronger for it. Be the good. Stand for what is right. Be kind.

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Samantha Edwards

My daughter graduated TAR IN 2017!!
I wholeheartedly believe TAR saved her life. I was so confident in the staff and their program and care that I sent my daughter from Australia and I will be forever grateful that I did!! Thank you to all the wonderful staff over there. We will be back to visit you when the world reopens. I left a piece of my heart in Escalante Utah !! Much Love to you all!
Samantha E

Turn-About Ranch

280 N 300 E.
Escalante, UT 84726
(800) 842-1165