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January 28, 2021

Does My Teen’s Learning Disability Affect Their Behavior?

Do you believe your teen has a learning disability or have they been diagnosed with one? If so, you may have also noticed other issues with their behavior. In fact, it’s very common for teens with learning disabilities to have a hard time managing their behavior. Not only do they struggle tackling their school work, but they may also struggle with their peers or teachers who may not understand how to cater to or empathize with their issues.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to bullying and even disputes with teachers unable to adapt to a student’s individual academic needs. Due to the many issues experienced by individuals with learning disabilities, it can be difficult to cope. Frustration can set in, which may even lead to negative behaviors. Aside from having behavior issues caused by difficulty coping with a disorder, it is pretty normal for learning disorders to be paired with behavioral disorders.

Common Learning Disorders

teens reading booksAlthough there are many different types of learning disabilities, here are a few of the most common types:

Dyslexia: difficulty with reading and letter recognition.
Dyscalculia: difficulty with math and equation-like processes.
Dysgraphia: difficulty with all aspects of the writing process.

Common Behavior Issues Linked with Learning Issues

Here are some of the behavior issues/disorders that are commonly experienced by individuals who also have learning disabilities.

Does My Teen’s Learning Disability Affect Their Behavior?

Have Questions? Ask Us!

At Turn-About Ranch, we specialize in helping teens manage their behavior. On location, we have a fully functioning ranch as well as a schoolhouse. Teens are taught in a small classroom environment where their personal academic needs can be met individually. They’ll receive the help they need to be able to appropriately process both their academic and behavior issues. To learn more about how your teen could benefit from an education at Turn-About Ranch, please call us!

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