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December 29, 2020

Quiz: Does My Teen Have Depression

Depression is a very serious issue when it comes to mental health and teens. Depression can impact how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. To help you help your teen, we’ve created this quiz to walk you through the various signs, symptoms, and causes of depression, and to analyze if your teen is depressed.

How to Help Your Teen with Their Depression

If your quiz results showed that your teen has been struggling with depression, it’s critical that you seek treatment for them. Talk to a therapist for an official diagnosis and consult with your family doctor. They’ll direct you to any medication or therapies that could help.

In terms of depression prevention, the Mayo Clinic suggests that steps be taken to control stress. Think about what stresses out your teen and what positive changes could be made to decrease that stress. For example, they may need to cut out an extracurricular activity if they’re overly involved in school. If they’re stressed over reaching the demands of a certain teacher, perhaps switching classes may be on the table. Of course, discuss these things with your teen’s therapist as processing change may also be hard for teens going through depression.

Turn-About Ranch Can Help!

There may come a point where your teen’s depression and behavior are out of control. In this case, an inpatient style option like Turn-About Ranch might be what’s best. We have licensed therapists on site who offer individual, group, and family therapy. Our goal is to teach your teen the skills they need to live a successful life.

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