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November 24, 2020

Quiz: Is My Teen Addicted to Electronics?

When we say addiction to electronics, we’re referring to anything that is technology related. This includes the internet, cell phones, video games, TV, and pretty much anything with a screen. Many parents find it nearly impossible to keep their teens away from screens. Some teens may even become moody or irritable when they’re not using electronics If this seems to be the case in your family, please take our electronics addiction quiz below. It will help assess whether or not your teen may have an addiction to electronics.


Why Do Teens Get Addicted to Electronics?

There are many reasons as to why teens develop an addiction to technology. Overexposure may be an obvious cause. As you may know, the up and coming Gen Z is technology advanced. They were raised to have cell phones at younger ages than previous generations and in a world where almost everyone has at least one gaming console in their home. Everything they could ever need is available online. It’s even common for schools to give their students laptops, increasing the amount of time that they spend in front of a screen.

However, there are other reasons other than overexposure. For example, they may feel anxiety or be going through depression and need to escape their reality. There is almost always a root cause to digital addiction, and that is what needs to be addressed more than anything.

How Can You Help Your Teen?

Every teen is different, and so the solution to helping them find the right technology-life balance may be different for each teen. Here are some ideas to help your teen:

  • Have a charging station either in your bedroom or in another location in the house where electronics have to be put when not in use.
  • Set boundaries by setting a rule for when electronics have to be turned in, such as 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime.
  • Block usage on your router for certain times, such as from 10pm to 6am
  • Restrict data usage through your phone service provider

When setting rules regarding technology, it’s important to follow through on consequences. Make it clear what will happen if the rules are broken, such as having their phone or other devices taken away for one or two days. If their addiction has reached a point where they need professional help, there are therapists and treatment options available.

Does Your Teen Need a Technology Intervention?

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Turn-About Ranch can help! We’re located in the “middle of nowhere” out here in beautiful Southern Utah. With the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and other natural wonders in our backyard, there is much to see! Teens will have minimal access to electronics as computers are used solely for the purpose of schoolwork. Otherwise, teens learn how to enjoy nature as we ride horses herding cows and go on hikes exploring nearby mountains. This is a great opportunity for teens to hit the reset button on life, step away from their screens, and find out who they are away from the influences of social media and their addiction.

Need Help with You Teen’s Electronics Addiction?
Hit the Reset Button & Call Us!

Disclosure: Your quiz results are not an official diagnosis. Not many therapists will provide a diagnosis for technology addiction and most insurances won’t finance treatment for that either. Yet, what can be treated and diagnosed are underlying issues like depression and anxiety. However, this should be done by a licensed therapist or doctor.

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