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October 22, 2020

Does My Teen Have Bipolar Disorder? [Quiz Included]

Does your teen experience extreme mood changes? Does their behavior seem radical in terms of extreme highs or lows? Does this happen frequently? If so, your teen might have bipolar disorder. To help you determine whether or not your teen has this condition, we’ve created a quiz just for you!

This quiz will analyze your child’s background as well as various behaviors that are often attributed to bipolar episodes. There are two main types of episodes known as manic and depressive episodes.

Manic Episode: This is often referred to as the high part of bipolar. This is a period of time where the individual may feel extreme happiness and lots of energy. During these times, they’ll also tend to be pretty active and spontaneous. A teen experiencing a manic episode may exhibit some of the following signs:

  • Short temper
  • Jump from one activity to another quickly
  • Feel extremely happy about things and exhibit that with silly behavior (in ways that most people wouldn’t)
  • Act compulsively
  • Unable to sleep (but still not tired)

Depressive Episode: This is considered to be the low part of bipolar disorder. During these phases, individuals will often feel intense sadness or depression. Here are some behaviors commonly exhibited by teens experiencing a depressive episode:

  • Expressing worthlessness or guilt
  • Complaining of aches and pains during times of sadness
  • Having very little energy
  • Having zero interest in activities or friends
  • Suicidal ideation

Ready to Take Our Teen Bipolar Quiz?

Think Your Teen Has Bipolar Disorder?

Although this quiz was based off of real professional knowledge of the disorder, we must say that we cannot diagnose your teen through a quiz. To get an official diagnosis, you’ll need to talk to your family doctor or a therapist. They may recommend medication, regular therapy, or even a residential treatment program like Turn-About Ranch.

Our program is designed to help teens struggling with a variety of issues learn how to cope with their issues and live successful lives. If you feel your teen is out of control, please call us at (800) 842-1165. We want to help your family!

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