equine therapy horse

May 14, 2020


Buddy came to Turn-About Ranch back in around 2010. He initially came to work at Turn-About Ranch as a staff member’s personal steed and trusty companion. When it came time for our staffer to begin a new adventure, she made the decision to sell Buddy to the ranch where she knew he would be loved and cared for while working for a good cause.

Over his 10 year career at Turn-About Ranch, Buddy has worked with approximately 200 kids. He is a bigger stout horse, with a ton of heart and A LOT of go. He is a perfect match for students that have either come to us with prior horsemanship experience, or for students that have gained skill and confidence and are ready to be promoted to a horse with a bit more “personality”. He’s a big friendly boy who is always up for snuggles and attention.

Buddy is currently in the prime of his life and doing great. He’s happy, healthy, and strong! So here’s to Buddy!! We sure look forward to him being an important member of our Turn-About Ranch family for years to come!

Learn About Our Equine Therapy Program

Here are some photos of handsome Buddy along with words from past students that got to know him well during their stay at Turn-About Ranch.

           equine therapy horse equine therapy horse equine therapy horse

“Buddy was my horse when I was at Turn-About Ranch and I liked him a lot I sure do miss it there!”

~ Cory M.

equine therapy horse equine therapy horse

Miss my buddy, still have strands of his mane tied in a knot. Never going to forget the time we went on a trail ride and I took him through a shallow pond to cool off. Buddy decided to roll around while I was still on his back 😂 let’s say I had to jump off and we both got soaked. It was a long 4 mile walk back with me and him covered in water and clay from the pond 😂 ah buddy. Such a good horse, never wants to slow down either

~ Mitch S.

“Buddy was my horse  such a good boy.”

~ Samantha M.

 “Buddy was my horse to care for and ride while I was at TAR and unlike some I had a lot of horse experience before I got to TAR and he had such a wonderful temperament; very patient and calm while still staying alert and responsive to commands. He amazed me how he glided up and down some steep hills and valleys in the snow with such ease. I’m so happy he’s still around and doing the same for others like he did for me.”

~ Cole W.

 “Here’s me on Buddy, Matt on Nic, and Cole on Tex I think. On a ride up to the amphitheater. I miss that day….”

~ Jacob S.

equine therapy horse

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