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March 31, 2020

Will Turn-About Ranch Work for My Teen? [Stats Included]

At Turn-About Ranch, we have worked with hundreds of teens over the last 30 plus years who struggle with a variety of issues. To name a few such issues,

For a more complete list of the types of issues teens who come to our ranch deal with, please see our Student Profile.

Is Treatment Right for My Troubled Teen?

At Turn-About Ranch, we are equipped to handle teens when parents find themselves lost in finding the right solution. Our program includes academic courses, vocational programs, equine therapy, and a variety of outdoor activities—including hiking and horseback riding in our local Utah mountains. Our structured atmosphere paired with individual, group, and family therapy has proven to help many struggling youth get back on track. Just check these results out!

Turn-About Ranch statistics

Have Questions About Turn-About Ranch?

We know how important it is to get your teen the help they need. If you have any questions about your teen’s specific circumstances and how Turn-About Ranch may help them, please make sure to check out our FAQ page or call us directly at 800-842-1165.

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Turn-About Ranch

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