Turn-About Ranch is a residential treatment center for teens ages 13 to 17 who are struggling with the following:

  • Defiance and Rebellion
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Negative Peer Influences
  • Manipulation or Lying
  • Impulsivity
  • Family Conflict
  • Running Away
  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Promiscuity
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Poor Academic Performance

Turn-About Ranch

Turn-About Ranch differs from typical residential treatment centers for troubled teens because it values action - not just talk. During their time at the Ranch, students don’t only go to school and participate in therapy; they also take an active role in the daily running of a working ranch. They feed the chickens at dawn and bring in the cows before dusk - real-life experiences that enhance the therapeutic process by putting behavioral changes in action, which is much more effective than just talking about doing things differently.

At Turn-About Ranch, once-troubled teens discover the great rewards of working within a family, developing trust toward one another, and earning respect. Real change happens on this historic horse and cow ranch as young people learn the value of a day’s work, experience the power of working in cooperation with others, and develop stronger senses of accountability, respect, and compassion.

We talk a lot about values at Turn-About Ranch. Real values are something teens often forget or ignore as they get caught up in popularity contests, the desire to get the latest gadgets, and the hunger to appear "cool” in the eyes of their peers.

Traditional standards and beliefs are not only taught but practiced

If your teen is rebellious, self-centered, and hostile toward authority - or refuses to follow the rules, work hard, and achieve in school - Turn-About Ranch can provide a powerful and highly effective adolescent residential treatment program that will turn your child’s life around.

Through consistent correction of negative behaviors and encouragement of positive behaviors in this down to earth ranch environment, the seedling of a new, "turned about" life emerges.