Turn-About is not an insurance provider, making us unable to directly bill insurance companies. Therefore, we require parents to assume the responsibility of tuition payment, and any and all insurance settlements should be negotiated between the parents and their chosen insurance carrier.

Despite the fact that we do not provide insurance, we can work with insurance companies and policies that have RTC benefits and out-of-network benefits, however parents will still be responsible for payment of any days not covered by insurance. Turn-About does require a deposit to enroll, and our payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Direct Wire Transfer, Personal Checks, and Money Orders.

Financing Options

Many parents prefer to finance their child’s stay through loans. Financing your child’s stay with cost-effective loans can allow you to make low monthly payments over a period of time. Loans are an attractive option for parents considering private treatment for their children.

My Treatment Lender and Prosper Healthcare Lending are two organizations that offer loans to families.